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The Animal Innovations Show

Jan 26, 2021

From Kennels to Homes provides training and behavior modification (BM) to animal shelters and rescues for dogs that have been labeled "unadoptable" due to behavior issues. As a result of this effort, they hope to reduce unnecessary euthanasia, as well as eliminate dogs from being housed long-term.

Jan 19, 2021

The Green Pet Shop manufactures unique and eco-friendly products for pets that solves problems at a competitive price.
In this episode, Chris Roy speaks with Larry Wright, founder and CEO of The Green Pet Shop, to journey back to their humble beginnings and shine a light on the story behind their company's most...

Jan 12, 2021

Most animal shelters lack the tools and resources to produce good pet photos and as a result, many homeless pets get overlooked on adoption sites and social media, and end up getting euthanized.

This discovery motivated Jessica Schleder to innovate a solution in the form of Adoptimize: a software that automatically...